Need a job Online or Offline Job pay with PayPal

PayPal remain the most efficient method for payment. Wit this power and secured method a lot of companies pay the hires in PayPal. All what you need is the PayPal account. If you don`t have one you can create one using our article: How do you make a PayPal account?

You attached the bank account or your card and after this you can withdraw the money on PayPal. Bellow you have few sites or company what offer jobs and pay with PayPal.

  • Fiverr is a site what offer the opportunity for all members ti post and promote what him can do. All jobs is
    payed with 5$ 10$ 20$ or more deepening what work is do for customers. Customers deposit money in Fiverr after the job is work the freelancer receive the money. After is obtain the minimum payment Fiverr member can withdraw the money in PayPal account.


  • Slicethepie this site pay you for listen music. Yes is true a site what pay you just because you hear music.
    After listen the artist or the sound you need to do a review. And this is all you make money and make a pleasure. Realac and hear music and receive money what can do more that this?


  • Go Transcript is a very good site for multi-language speaker because offer job to translate text or audio. This is big opportunity if you know 2,3 or more language and you need money. You can really make money with this site. 30$ is the minimum payment in PayPal.


  • iBotta is a very nice app for mobile and very useful for all people who make online shopping. Why?Because this offer you back the money! If you buy something, ibotta cash you back, this is awesome, you can buy all what you want and all products have some rates cash back. Buy now and receive money, sound good no? When you have 20$ in account you can withdraw with PayPal. This is the best bart real cash for your shopping. A very good thing si the free PayPal money, you receive 10$ for Sign Up, after this all you need is to buy something else and you can withdraw for first time.


  • Babbletype need transcriptions, this site hire people to transcript text from a lot of language, this site is same like Go Trascript. The payment is weekly and before start the work you need to join and to apply for be accepted.

  • Humanatic hire people to receive call and to answer for few question to make review for some brands.
    This site ei very good and is very simple to make money with him. You can receive money weekly and minimum is 10$ but the earnings rate si very low bellow at 1 and 4 $ at hour. You need a lot of calls to make some money.

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